Parser error while editing some templates

asked Feb 6 by rsthomas (300 points)
I just installed SEOToaster eCommerce 2.5 (PHP 5.4), and of course am busy making modifications.
I get a parser error message while trying to save changes to the following templates:

I even tried just opening the templates and saving, without any changes, and still received the same error message.
The toaster-form reply template saved OK.

Link to screenshot showing the error message:
I haven't tried any other templates yet, but hopefully whatever fixes these two will take care of any other problems as well.

What do you think?

1 Answer

answered Feb 7 by Pavel.g (4,520 points)
Hello Rsthomas.

Most likely your sessions expired. Please clean cache, logout and try again.

Regards, Pavel.
commented Feb 7 by rsthomas (300 points)
Nope, it wasn't that.  I logged out, closed the browser, and started over.  Same parsererror while trying to save -- with and without having made a change.
commented Feb 8 by Pavel.g (4,520 points)
Can you provide error_log from your site?

Regards, Pavel.