installation on the server, no installation steps seen

asked Nov 16, 2016 by iakkar (120 points)
I downloaded zip package (E-commerce) and opened it on the server (in the httpdocs folder). after then i opened my domain URL at the browser but i did not see the installation steps. Is there smt missing about database or etc?
Thanks for your help

2 Answers

answered Nov 17, 2016 by Ciatronical (950 points)
Has you set owner of files and directories??
(chown -R www-data: .* *)

RdG Ronny
answered Nov 17, 2016 by Pavel.g (4,600 points)
Hello Ibrahim.

Please check that your server meets the system requirements

And check or provide to me php-error.log

Regards, Pavel.
commented Nov 17, 2016 by iakkar (120 points)
Hello Pavel,

You are right, I noticed the server does not support PHP 5.

Thank you