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It does not necessarily have to be on click, could be on hover too.
Can you give an example of the javascript you mention?
related to an answer for: sub-categories

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It will be JavaScript either way (on hover or on click).
Unfortunately none of the sites come to my mind with such a menu. But this is not a problem. I think I got your point.
Do you want us to create the script for you?
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Alina, thanks for answer.
There are tons of free menus on the web, problem is integrating them into your CMS.
I am not accepting your proposal because many CMS already have this feature for complex menu creation.
I think it should be part of core.
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I made a sub-navigation menu, maybe I can help. Write me a message if you still need this feature.
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I do need this feature, but it has to be free of charge.
It makes no sense for me to pay for it when I have free options available.
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Ok, man. I am a Seotoaster user like you, so I can share what I did for myself. Can you re-explain me what do you need exactly?

With the default SeoToaster main menu you can get a single submenu level: 1 row of parent items, each parent with submenu items (no sub-submenus to be clear.)
If this is enought for you, I can share my CSS-only solution - yes, no JS required :).
If you want a more complex layout, you will need to edit the core files of the CMS. I did also that and I can tell you how, but you must be confortable with doing it.

Let me know!
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I need sub-submenus, please share your work and I will take a look at it.