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I had this request unanswerd a few days before, but now I got a bit further.

After trying out many things I came to the point that the menu for content editing not show up in a installation at the root of the server (e.g. mydomain/index.php).
When it get installed in a subfolder as I also did on localhost (e.g. mydomain/toaster/index.php) everything works fine.

Any idea how I can configure it, that it work on a root-installation?
That's where it should start from.

Thanks for every hint

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Hello Thomas, did you figure out the issue or do you still need help with this ?
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Not really figured it out, so if you have any solution it will still be nice to get some help on it.

For the moment I just point in .htaccess to the subdirectory as directoryindex location which works ok, but is just a compromise.

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Hello Thomas. Can you give more detailed information about your problem? What is your operating system, you have the same rights to the root folder of the web server and the ones that you create when you try to edit the content you experience a bug or nothing happens?