Editing menue not visible

asked Nov 2, 2013 by TGD (230 points)
When I go omline to edit a container, the formatting menue with styles, size etc. and the netcontent-tab is not visible.

On my localhost it works well.

Is ionCube necessary for the menu?
It's not supported by my hoster!

Any idea to get it running?

Thanks for any idea

1 Answer

answered Nov 14, 2013 by seotoaster (14,860 points)

Ioncube is NOT required for menus to work properly. As for formatting styles, they are set via CSS.

Netcontent does require IonCube and a SEO Samba account to function. You can see it in action with a free SEO Samba account too (you can't create items however, you need a premium account for that).

You can create your free SEO Samba account from the website ID card when you have deployed toaster or from the embedded CMS theme when you first install it.