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A few problems I am having on checkout.

1.  I have setup Action email for new orders and customers but they are not being sent.  Works ok for Quotes which I have now disabled in code.

2. Flat rate shipping is not working.  It does not add anything till payment page then shows the postage but does not add it to total.

3. How do I add Direct Deposit\Invoice payment options?

4. I am trying to add a link to Paymate (Australian payment gateway provider) for payment which works fine, except I cannot figure how to add 'Order Amount' (and other fields) into the URL. What I have in code below is 'amt={order:total}' but that does not work.  Is there a way to do this?  Code follows.


<a onclick=" = 'parent';" target="_blank" href="{order:total}"><img src="" border="0" ></a>

Let me know if you need log in credentials for site and feel free to use site for testing.

Thank you for any help,


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1. Check your spam filter. What payment gateway are you using? It sends email once the transaction is complete, and that the user is effectively a client.

2. Do you have a screenshot - use Drpl or equivalent please.

3. Use the quote engine, and give the details on the quote template. Ask customer to send the quote #ID along with their payments. Once payment has been received, mark the quote paid. Everything else remain the same (invoice creation/access from dashboard orders or customers area etc..)

4. You need to create a plugin on seotoaster to send the cart amount to Paymate, and also track back response to set the proper cart status when the transaction is complete. So it's not as easy as what are you're trying to do. Check out for development documentation, or consider hiring our professional services team to develop it using