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I am using Version 2.1 with HandMade-website theme.
The site is

I have three questions

1  When a new customer is added no password is asked for so when the same customer try's to login in as a returning customer they cannot.

2. In Website ID Card setup changing 'Accepted Payment Types' does not seem to change anything and therefore does not work on checkout

3. Has anyone done a Paymate plugin?

Thanks Michael

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Hello Michael,

1./ Customer accounts are created automatically on seotoaster. A password is generated as well for the user.
You are free to whether inform customers that you are making a client area available to them.
If you so chose, just setup an action email (OTHERS/action email) under the event area "Store" using trigger "new customer registered". Select "customers" for the pull down "send an email to".
A sample email follows;

<p>Hi there {customer:fullname}! </p>

<p>Thank you for your purchase on</p>

<p>Track the progress of your purchase and shipment whereabouts when logging into our website.</p>
<p>Connect to your private customer area using the following credentials:</p>
<p>username: {customer:email} and password:

Thanks again for your purchase.

2./ This is purely informative. The payment token can then be used with templates, including mobile templates. (that way you don't have to rebuild templates when you decide to accept a new or drop a payment method.)
Go to your checkout page, and go to LAYOUT/edit this template to view the code. You can easily add a payment shortcut in there (a list of shortcuts can be found here: and/or the quote request form {$quote:form} in between the values     {paymentgateways} {/paymentgateways}

Install the payment plugin on your system by downloading it here;

Initially, you will see a link on the checkout page in place of the form. Once you click it and purchase the plugin license (you can purchase it for a 1 time sum or on monthly basis), the appropriate payment form will appear on your checkout page.
Make sure to configure your account under the menu added by the plugin installation to your side control panel.

3./ Not that we are aware of. But that is something that can be done. Either by you or a coder using instructions
or by hiring our pro-team for fairly cheap;