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SeoToaster 2.1.0 eCommerce on localhost. (SEOtoaster.v2.1.0.ecommerce.v2.1.0)
I downloaded these 3 themes from your website:

At the side panel I upload a theme. (Layout, Themes, Upload Theme,{select a downloaded file}, open.) The theme is installed and shows in the themes list panel.  I can do this with all 3 downloads.

However, when I click 'apply' on one of the theme graphics, I see some loading activity but then I get a big red display which says 'An Error Occurred / Application Error'.

Can you help me with this problem, please.

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Hello RedCanoe,

Did everything check out alright (green marks) during the installation?
Can you paste details about your environment here please?
Hello, I'm Tuyen, I can't apply theme and there are nothing in template.
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hellow.. i have the same problem... evrythinh normal ( green marks ) when i instal theme,.. but when aplly it,says ''application error''

need help from u masterr... x)
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I have the same problem exactly like RedCanoe..
I use the latest version of XAMPP.
And also I download the seotoaster V2.2.0 CMS
During the installation I got everything on green marks.
So, what more information or detail I need to provide so you can help me with this problem?

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Please, provide us your error.log (or whatever php error log) file contents