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I've been trying to install what seems a great CMS of yours.

Unfortunatelly, when I try to install it, it gets stucked on step one telling to "check again".
Everything is checked ok, except "IonCube Loader", but that one is optional, and the "Make sure to turn off Magic Quotes".
That's wierd because i did create a php.ini file with the code to switch them off (even tried a php5.ini as well)

Do you have a solution for that problem?

Thanks a lot.


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For disabling Magic quotes try to put  the same php.ini on 'install' folder.

Thank you.
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Hello Andrey!
(Are you russian? Sorry if you're not, simple question... :D)

Yes, I tried to put the .ini file in the "install" folder, but it doesn't work anyway.
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What browser you are using?
Also can you send a link  to your website?

Thank you.
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I'm using chrome. Same problem on FF and IE though....
Link to the website :
Thank you
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Can you put on folder 'install' phpinfo .
It seems like configuration from your php.ini file not applied.

Thank you.
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As I can see you have on php info
magic_quotes_gpc ->On

Put in php.ini or php5.ini file depending of your hosting.
Next lines.
magic_quotes_gpc = Off
magic_quotes_runtime = Off
magic_quotes_sybase = Off
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I don't know what's happening.
The thing is that it's exactly what's written in my php.ini file... and I tryied it both in the root folder and the install folder...
This website is on a shared hosting service named 1hebergement, but the php.ini file should be applied anyway.
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It seems like specific of this hosting. You need to contact with support of this hosting.

Thank you.
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Thank you for your time