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^^Simply that.

Any ideas?

It shows a map of the pickup location, and this is not necessary as it takes up half of the invoice page when my customers will know where the pickup location is due to the nature of the site.

I would like it removed from both the html page and the pdf invoice.

I know it is going to be something to do with the invoice template, but what I can see in the code seems like the standard text. Or is it in one of the .js files that the template links to?


Laurence =]

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Hello Laurence Marshall.

The map coming from one of the system widgets.{$store:postpurchasereport}

For removing map you need to do some changes in plugins/shopping/system/app/Widgets/Store/views/post_purchase_report.phtml

Remove this line.

    <img src="<?php echo Tools_Geo::generateStaticGmaps($this->shoppingConfig, 640, 300); ?>" alt="">

Thank you.
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Awesome. Thanks. Great help :-)
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Hi Laurence,

it should be within the template code yes. Along with the CSS, these are the 2 only places where you need to edit things to make it work like you want to.
Look for the tokens {$..}. Ill get a colleague to give you a more specific answer tomorrow.