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I downloaded and installed Toaster w/ e-commerce. I made it through the install and removed the intall file. The sample webpage pulls up but i can't log in to admin pannel to start editing the webs site. I go to and get the 500 internal server error code. what do i need to do from here? (

I know I somewhat already asked this but need a little more clarification, rather than pointing out my typo.

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Hello Jameson
make sure that your apache web server has enabled mod_rewrite module.
Check you error_log to see any error been thrown
And also check content of .htaccess file located in seotoaster root directory.

Nobody is trying to annoy you here. But to help you we need more details then you provided in previous question
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I know you guys were not. You were just so great and fast at responding the first time, After i responded to it and noone answered as quickly I just wanted to make sure it was seen. I will work on this and see if i can get it going. I am very excited about trying Toaster out. I am hoping it works better with godaddy than Drupal does. Godaddy dosn't give me enough PHPmemory to run the integrated e-commerce like uber cart or anything like that.
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Please let us know what type of Godaddy account you run, and if you're successful at making seotoaster works within that environment. Thanks!