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I have several views for each product with close ups. How can I add additional photos to the product page? Is there a plugin I can download?

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Hello Beth,

To add more than 1 photo to a product :

Just add a $ content area where appropriate on your product landing page or use that shortcut below. There's no plugin to install, it's all embedded in the system.


This widget is used to load images directly on the page without  storing them in a separate folder in the media.

:folder_name - the name of the folder where all the loaded images will be stored automatically.

:image_name - name of the image.

:thumb_size - width and height of the preview image.

optional parameters:

:relgall - specifying this tag to the set of images, we automatically put them in the gallery. When you click on one of the images with this tag you´ll get access to the whole gallery.

:small|medium|large|original|crop - type of image size ( the image can be small, medium, large, of original size or cropped).

crop_size -  - a proportion by which the image is cropped.
(Example: crop-WxH where W - width, H - height)

:static - if you add this parameter, it will signify that widget is not related to a specific page. When you insert it on any page, it will display the same content.

:nolink - the image is displayed without putting it in the tag <a> . This means that when clicking on the image, it will not be opened in a new window and a larger version of the picture will not be displayed.

Hope this answers your question,

Thank you for using SeoToaster

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