productlist : product list dfault is 50 products. Can we decrease it to 10 products

asked Aug 18, 2015 by gmxindia (500 points)
{$productlist:product list grid:tagnames-Downhill bikes} when we use this command, we get 50 products by default. As we have more than 100 products in each list we want to decrease it to 10 products .. before it hist show more.. is there a file where we can increase  or decrease the number of products in a list before it hits show more.. or a page wise list where we have each page with specified number of products..

1 Answer

answered Aug 19, 2015 by Vitaly (1,040 points)

To decrease productlist to the 10 products you should to add quantity as the last option of the productlist widget.
For example:
{$productlist:product list grid:tagnames-Downhill bikes:10}