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I've posted this as a reply to a question, but though it was probably best if it was also a question in it's own right, so that it was more searchable/visible.
My post is below:

Ok, just running the 2.5 install again, and on step 2 after filling in the required DB fields I click on "Go ahead!" and get:

Arrrh! Can't install database.
Invalid bind-variable name ':title'

And if then I click on "Go ahead!" again I get:
Arrrh! Can't install database.
Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry 'currentTheme' for key 'PRIMARY'

And that's as far as the install gets.
I have another DB that lets 2.0.4 install with no problems at all.

Any ideas please? Thanks

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Hello freddo.

If you already install toaster 2.0.5. And try to reinstall toaster without flushing database you will have this error. You need remove all tables from database and then install.

Thank you.
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Thanks for your response Andrey - this is on a blank DB however.
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What browser do you using freddo?
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This was on Chrome, but also used it to install 2.0.4 on the same server without a prob.
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Thought I'd just double check this, so I copied the 2.0.4 folder back to the same htdocs folder as 2.0.5 was running from, emptied & dropped all the tables in the test DB, and then ran the installer, and it went straight to stage 3 as it should without any problems.

Could it be a problem with the installer?
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