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Still exploring SeoToaster and evaluating it for our needs... I have a question about product text layouts...

What I would like to do, is to be able to format the text in the 'Full Description' window. Very simply, our product data has some specification tables which are in html. I was expecting to be able to switch the editor in to an html mode so I could enter the markup... but I can't find a way to do this.

It is so fundamental, it just has to exist.

Could anyone give me a clue as how this is achieved?


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Hello Marco.. it is right there in front of you, like plenty features in seotoaster.. Just above the editor, there is a link that says "No editor". Let me know if you found it.
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I think I am going to answer my own question... don't suppose I can claim the points though.

Although it is not obvious, it appears that pasting the html markup in to the 'Full Description' field does in fact cause it to be accepted and rendered correctly.

So, it appears I can simply  enter the required tags and that is the issue solved.

Trivial example...

Some text here.. this will be normal text.
<I>This will be formatted as italics</I>

Appologies if this was obvious, but I couldn't find anything documented.
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Marco, pardon the error i overlooked that you were talking about products.. Yes you can paste HTML, and widgets as well! (You could easily add a header or content tag in there if needed)
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Hi  Marco,

you can also add a content tag {$content:XYZ} to your product template, and then insert anything you'd like such as a table.

If you choose to do this, then checkout this plugin too to convert tables on the fly;