Customer Password should be sent via Quote Created email

asked Apr 20, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
Dear Seotoaster Team

You recently advised me the following to solve the problem that a new customer doesn't get his password via registration email:

"The e-mail Store - New customer is registered will be sent if checkout is completed via payment gateway. It won't be sent after submitting a Quote. If you wish, you can hide the standard registration form on the first step of checkout and insert seotoaster registration form by adding 'Member sign-up' widget."

I have done this via modification of /home/shmew/public_html/custom_made_shoes/plugins/cart/system/views/checkout/landing.phtml (I added {$member:signup} and removed the checkout sign-up code). However, the problem now is that after doing the sign-up, the user gets redirected to the homepage and is not even logged in! So it's a pretty bad shopping experience like that.

So I had another idea and wanted to make use of the shortcode {customer:password} in the Quote Created email that is sent after sending the order via Quote widget. That would be perfect. Unfortunately, this shortcode seems to not work there ({customer:email} works, but without password it's not useful).

I need a solution for this, as otherwise customer registration during checkout is useless and the Quote system of Seotoaster is incomplete.

Thank you,

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answered Apr 20, 2015 by Michel Leconte (1,560 points)
Hello Philippe,

A prospect is not a customer until they have purchased. Hence, why customer accounts are not created for folks requesting quotes.
Consequently, there's no password to email either.

Quotes are private, and served from a private url, which can be referenced in the auto-reply. Why do you want to send them a password?

commented Apr 21, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
Hi Michel

Thanks for your answer. I understand, it's a process misunderstanding. So does this mean once I have converted the quote into an order (?), the prospect will become a customer?  (And hence a registration email? ). I will test that.

commented Apr 21, 2015 by Michel Leconte (1,560 points)
Once marked sold, quote becomes an order, and you can find the customer under the client tab in your dashboard. In order to email credentials, select 1 or more clients and scroll to the bottom of that table and select from the pull-down "assign new password". Your email template will then be sent.
commented Apr 21, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
Hm, that works as described, but that sends a password reminder email in which the customer has to click a link to get a new password. That would be strange to do for each new customer.

I would expect that the system sends the the username/password in a kind of welcome email after I created the order based on the quote.
commented Apr 21, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
PS: I tried to use {user:password} or {customer:password} in the password reset emails, but they don't get replaced with a value.
commented Apr 21, 2015 by Michel Leconte (1,560 points)
Hello Phil,
{customer:email} and {customer:password} are the correct tokens.
See for a complete list.
commented Apr 22, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
Hi Michel,

I know these tags, but they don't work in the email, at least not in the password reset email that I'd like to use to inform new customers about their password, after turning their quote into an order.

I see that in the Seotoaster example website, on page toaster-new-user-info.html the related section is commented out (<!--p>), see:

<!--p><strong style="line-height: 1.428571429;">Login:</strong> {user:email}</p>
<p><strong>Password: </strong>{user:password}</p-->

I changed the tags to {user:password} and {customer:password} and removed the comments tags, but they don't get replaced neither. They are printed same in the email.  How come?
commented Apr 22, 2015 by Michel Leconte (1,560 points)
Yes, sorry I got sidetracked. In fact, these tokens work only with "new customer" registration trigger.
When resetting password from the dashboard, you need to get a bit clever in the way that you present the reset link to address customers converted from quotes, as we have no way to trigger that mechanism for now (that issue had been identified and is on our list).  

In that email template, introduce the email subject and reset link as a password creation mechanism, stating their email is their username, point to the client area login URL and prompt them to click the link to create a password for their account.

You can also customize email template for subsequent " password changed email" to state "thanks for creating a new password for your account".
commented Apr 27, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
OK, please let me know in this thread when this correction becomes available.

Thank you.
commented May 10, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
Hi, any update about this? I am not happy about the Quote module. There are other little things I would like to change, e.g. redirecting to the homepage after the customer clicked "send me a quote" (instead of the message popup).

How much would you charge for development support to get these modifications done asap?

commented May 10, 2015 by Michel Leconte (1,560 points)
Hi Philippe,

We are releasing V2.4 this week. Our package is ready. However, we could not include that email trigger you mentioned as part of this release.

Please list the modifications you'd like to get developed by order of priority into an email to

We will respond to you with a quote as soon as we've estimated development time.

We appreciate your feedback and your patronage will help further develop SeoToaster for the benefits of all.