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asked Mar 29, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
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Dear Team,

I have more issues with the Quote plugin:

I am wondering why the purchased item stays in the cart after checking out via the Quote plugin. I would expect it to disapear as it's basically ordered (or requested to quote). I might have broken this somehow. Any hints how to fix it?

Furthermore, it seems that if the quote is requested by a new user, an account is created for him, but no password assigned. Therefore, this user never can login afterwards.

Thank you!

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answered Mar 30, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
I have to correct myself: Actually I removed the Quote widget (that's why the cart doesn't get empty after check-out), because honestly I don't get the point for what it's needed... I have configured Free Shipping as the only shipping option. Now, when I check-out, I get the form "Enter Shipping Address". After this is done and I click next, I get the Quote form which again asks for an address! That makes no sense and I wish to only have the shipping address form and once this is submited, the order should be stored.

I have achieved displaying a message like "order received" by entering these messages into these empty fields at the top of the shipping configuration window. There seems to be an undocumented (?) feature titled "Require Shipping TOC on checkout. Use label (HTML ok):". What means TOC? How to use this if >not< without quote or any other payment widget?

Thanks in advance,
commented Mar 30, 2015 by Eugenie (2,560 points)
Hello Philippe,

Thank you for your e-mail. We will try to clarify these points:

1. Please go to Store - Configuration - Quote on the admin panel and tick the option 'Generate quote automatically'. In this case the cart will be empty after the quote is generated.

2. Using quotes does not imply the registration process. If you wish you can set a registration for new cuxtomers and then configure the action e-mails. The login and password can be sent to admin/customer upon completing the registration process.

3. If you fill in the fields 'Shipping details' in the first window, these information will be then prepopulated in the corresonding fields on the next step. However, this information is not stored for the next quote.

4. TOC stands for Terms and conditions. You can add this field only if you are using quote or payment widget.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,
SeoToaster Support
commented Apr 2, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
Hi Eugenie,

Thank you for your answers. See my comments below:

1. This doesn't seem to make a difference. Only if I add {paymentgateways} and the quote widget, I can finish the order completely. However, this has lead me to the idea to just remove the free-shipping delivery mode (now I have no shipping options), and just use the Quote widget to ask for all details including shipping address! I didn't test it end-to-end including the Dashboard. Might be that it leads to other problems later(?).

2. Not the quotes implies the registration process, but the Checkout widget should, as it asks for either "new customer" or "returning customer". So the customer would expect that giving the email address and name under "new customer" will lead to registration. In my opinion this is something that should be implemented.

3. ok.

4. Ah I see, shouldn't it be T&C then? :-)

Thank you for your kind support!

commented Apr 3, 2015 by Eugenie (2,560 points)
Hello Philippe,

1. Firstly, please specify if you are going to have a shipping option on your website? If yes, please go to Shipping configuration and turn on the Free shipping option and set the amount from which the free shipping is applicable.

If you are not planning to ship the products, turn on the Pickup option. You should have at least one of the options turned on in order to be able to go through checkout process.

Also, it is important to make sure that the quote widget is inserted within the magic space {paymentgateways}, otherwise, the quote form can work incorrectly.

2. Exactly, the Checkout widget enables the customers to register once and then use their credentials to log in when they return to the site. Please make sure that you have configured the action e-mails to send the login/password to your customers. Please note that they will receive it if they have passed through check-out process till the end.

Kind regards,
SeoToaster Support
commented Apr 4, 2015 by fippu82 (600 points)
Hi Eugenie

1. Actually, we only use free shipping, yes. So I turned it on again, but there is no different behaviour compared to the version without checkout widget... In both cases the quote gets created and the item removed from the cart, as I expect it to do. So for now there is no problem here.
2. Customer doesn't  receive an email, and also they can't enter a  password during checkout registration (there is no password field). Will the system assign the password automatically? In the dashboard I see the user (role customer). So the problem is that the password email doesn't get sent out and the user is also not logged in after sending the order/requesting the quote.
Please see my other question thread in this forum about the email sending problem.

Thank you