Internal Seotoaster search is not indexing all products

asked Mar 29, 2015 by gmxindia (500 points)
We are using the product import plugin to import the products into seotoster. We have initially imported some 200 products. They all got indexed very well. The next day we imported another 200 products. This products are not getting indexed. When we search on our website with the second batch of products name. We get error message as demo data..... When we search for products from first batch we get the results.

This is internal seotoaster search i am talking about.

Can you help me in fixing this problem ?

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answered Apr 3, 2015 by Eugenie (2,560 points)
Hello gmxindia,

Thank you for contacting the SeoToaster support.

Our team will need some additional information in order to investigate this issue. Please provide us with the link to your website, the name of the product from the first butch and from the second butch.

Looking forward to your reply!

Kind regards,
SeoToaster Support
commented Apr 13, 2015 by gmxindia (500 points)

From first batch see immigration DNA Test all files are uploaded

Search string:
(you will see results)

Second batch see the paternity test

search strings:

You will find product not found error..
commented Apr 14, 2015 by Eugenie (2,560 points)
Hello gmxindia,

Thank you for the information provided.

As we can see on the the search results are displaying correctly on the page.

So if you still experience this issue, please provide us with the screenshot and relevant links.

Best Regards,
SeoToaster support