SEOTOASTER Installation - Step 2

asked Dec 14, 2012 by pmrioux (120 points)

I've been trying many times to install SEOTOASTER, but it just can't get past Step 2.  It displays the following error message when I click the "GO AHEAD" button :
Arrrh! Can't install database.
SQLSTATE[01000]: Warning: 1265 Data truncated for column 'err_login_landing' at row 5

I have tried deleting the database and creating it again and again, to no avail.  The installation does work up to a certain point, as I can see data in some of the tables of the database.

I am running the following configuration :

PHP: 5.3.3
MySQL: 5.5.28
OS : CentOS 6.3

Please note that Apache, PHP and SEOTOASTER are not on the same server hosting the MySQL database.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

1 Answer

answered Dec 19, 2012 by Ciatronical (1,220 points)
It seems Seotoaster cant connect your database.
Please check your seotoaster_core/application/configs/application.ini
asked Feb 23, 2015 by abhi30shek (160 points) application.ini