How to enable email and hire mobile number

asked Mar 7, 2015 by proedu (410 points)
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1. I am already registrar the site with seosamba account but till i am fail to enable sms/email markerting tools and there is no number  to hire in my zone at my seosamba account how go
2. In the CMS platform there is no dashboard how should i going to upload my contact list to my database. Or this optional work only with CMS & eCommerce  seotoster platform
3.  The seosamba account with user name will contain more than 60+ website by end of much but i need to purchase premium service park
i. Is one licences work for all account or i suppose to hire licences for each website
ii. there are possibility of month payment on this service

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answered Mar 9, 2015 by seotoaster (14,740 points)
Congratulations for your registration. To send SMS, you need to hire a SMS enabled number.

To enable this feature, go to APPS in your SeoToaster control panel -> "Apps settings". Click "SMS & phone services", and turn on the service. You need to log into your free SeoSamba account, accept the terms , click the "SMS enabled" checkbox and search for available numbers in your region.

We have a limited number of countries where SMS enabled numbers are available, but you can use a U.S local number or UK mobile (not local) number to send SMS globally, including to users in your country.

They're multiple email marketing features integrated into SeoToaster/SeoSamba. All of them are free.

i. You can collect email addresses from web forms, but also checkout page and dashboard for the Ecommerce edition. All of these get added to your email marketing provider account easily. To enable this feature, go to APPS in your SeoToaster control panel -> apps Settings. Click "Email marketing" and from there select an available provider.

ii. You can configure have the system send customer services emails automatically based on event triggers, such as when an order is placed, a new member has registered on your site, etc..Plug-ins also use that facility to send emails. To use these features go to your SeoToaster "Others" control panel, click "action email & Sms" – (this is where you configure automated SMS too) – And add your messages for a given system area and trigger.

iii. When using the SeoToaster Ecommerce edition, you can build email marketing nurture campaigns based on quote requests/sent, cart content for orders that have shipped and other events. You can send automated emails. To use this feature, go to your SeoToaster STORE>merchandising control panel. Click "Email remarketing" and refer an HTML template you've build or add your message right there.

i. and ii. SambaSaas is a multi-services platform. Some services are free such as web analytics, google webmaster tools interfacing, social marketing features; some are available on a per use such as PR distribution, or phone numbers ($5/month in most regions), and then automated search engine optimization with unlimited PR or private-label access for agency are available on a monthly fee basis.

Thanks for using SeoToaster and SeoSamba, and please keep us posted with your progress,

SeoToaster Support Team