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asked Mar 2, 2015 by lifeboy (140 points)
How can I combine a couple of products into a single one when I build a quote?  I need to use, let's say 10 products, and make a single one combo product by selecting components.  

To use the bicycle analogy: If I want to quote a custom bike, I would choose a frame, wheels, gears, brakes, shocks, etc and then quote a complete price without showing the individual prices of the components.

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answered Mar 2, 2015 by seotoaster (14,780 points)
Hello again lifeboy,

You can build a quote from the Store dashboard area found at yourdomain.ext/dashboard pulling as many products as you need into a single quote.

You can also build products with options from the add/edit product screen. And select these options when building a quote for your client.

The quote template that your client view can hide the individual component prices while you can view them while building the quote.

Another option for your website visitors also is to build a product using a product package like on
http://ecommerce-store-template.seotoaster.com/a-unique-opportunity-for-only-400-94106-california.html before requesting a quote from checkout.

Hope this helps, please keep us posted with your progress!
commented Mar 2, 2015 by lifeboy (140 points)
Thank you!  So, let me just make sure I understand you correctly: Using a products of various types I build a quote using a quote template.  That template can have hidden details of the individual components (from the product list) that make up an special product for a client.  I need to name that combined product with a name for the client (ie. Wooden Custom Lounge Chair, where the chair consists of, for example, leather from one supplier (product 1), wood from another supplier (product 2), labour from inhouse (product 3) at a final price which the client can see.  However, the company that sends the quote wants to know the total cost and total profit for this combined product before sending off the quote.  

Can I do that with a quote template?
commented Mar 2, 2015 by seotoaster (14,780 points)
Yes, basically the quote template lets you show/hide details using shortcuts and magic spaces.

For the costing part however, you will need some custom development. Please email our professional services group at http://www.seotoaster.com/contact-us.html and we'll give you a quote if you'd like us to handle it.
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