why do i need seo samba?

asked Jan 27, 2015 by aka signs (140 points)
edited Jan 27, 2015 by seotoaster
i have just signed up through mid phase hosting and am using seotoaster. it is telling me to sign up for samba and i need to adhere to the fees.. i thought i got the free version of seotoaster commerce, why do i need samba? i just want to add a few things (20-30) and use paypal, Facebook,   twitter and instagram. do i really need the samba? is there anything that can answer my question? where do i find these fee structures? etc...

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answered Jan 29, 2015 by seotoaster (14,780 points)
Hello akasigns,

although we do recommend it to ensure your online success, you don't "need" SeoSamba to run an e-commerce website. You can always run any number of free SeoToaster-based websites without having to pay any fee for SeoSamba multisites services.

SeoSamba is a FREE online marketing platform that provides automated SEO, web analytics, reputation monitoring and social networking tools.

To take advantage of your SeoSamba subscription, start by opening a free account from your Website ID Card (SeoToaster menu). Check the analytics box at the bottom; add your secure token and SeoSamba will automatically deploy our web analytics software.

Now, if what you are trying to achieve is to run a multi-sites ecommerce network, we strongly recommend using SeoSamba as a hub and SeoToaster as front-end for each instance. Our patent-pending  'hub & spoke' model will allow you to control all individual websites from one centralized management interface, and benefit from countless features.

For more information on how SeoSamba multi-sites solution compares to Wordpress Multisite (WPMS) please read http://www.seosamba.com/wordpress-multisite-review.html.

Pricing for the SeoSamba solution is based on number of domains and services activated, please use http://www.seosamba.com/i-want-a-demo.html#mulsites-ecommerce for more info.

Hope this helps, keep us posted!