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asked Sep 28, 2012 by jcw (120 points)
This does not appear to apply to a mac/mamp installation. I'm assuming that the httpd.config is to be edited. Can someone please tell me how to install by editing httpd.config or some other file or whatever I've missed?

Thanks for any help

""Hello, "/go" is not a physical folder, so do not try to find it in you file system. /go is a special path called "route".

Do the following check:

For Apache:
  mod_rewrite should be On"

Is this to be pasted into httpd.conf?

  "AllowOverride should be All for your seotoaster directory""

AllowOverride is in the file but I'm not sure how to change it.
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answered Oct 1, 2012 by seotoaster (14,860 points)
Hello JCW, Frankly, we did not test on a mac server yet, but in any case we found this that could be of interest:

let us know if this worked.
answered Oct 1, 2012 by Eugene Nezhuta (2,920 points)
commented Oct 1, 2012 by jcw (120 points)
The file was already there but it still doesn't open seotoaster
commented Oct 3, 2012 by jcw (120 points)
Neither of these two work

<Directory "/Users/yourname/Sites/">
     Options Indexes MultiViews
     AllowOverride All
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from All

<Directory "/Applications/MAMP/">
    Options Indexes MultiViews
    AllowOverride None
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

All I get is:

Not Found

The requested URL /go was not found on this server.

Has anyone actually had seotoaster working on a mac yet? It would be great to get it working!