Can't get the text editor to add content

asked Sep 23, 2012 by mukasa (160 points)
I've successfully installed Seotaster but when I want to add content, I can't get the text editor.
My browser accepts javascript correctly.
Can you help?

PHP : 5.3.3
Mysql : 5.1.61
Os: Centos
SEO version: 2.0.2

2 Answers

answered Sep 25, 2012 by Eugene Nezhuta (2,920 points)
Please, provide more details. Now it is hard to say what is going on..
Give us some screenshots, error.log anything.. what browser are you using?
answered Sep 26, 2012 by mukasa (160 points)
Hi, thank you for your answer. I'm using firefox and IE9 and the result is the same.
Is there a way to send you a screenshot? I can't find an upload form here to post it. There's nothing in the error logs.
commented Sep 26, 2012 by Eugene Nezhuta (2,920 points)
Well... then, try the following:
1. Go to /seotoaster_root_folder/system/js/external/tinymce/
2. Check permissions for the *tiny_mce_gzip.php* they should be 644
Also, verify permission on each folder from the path mentioned in the step 1. They should be 755. Let us know, please, if this helped