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Coming from wordpress, I probably am looking in the wrong places to find out more about translations and users being able to select their language.

I will happily translate the entire seo toaster into dutch, but i am stuck with the following:

• Could I have a complete .lng file for the lastest toaster install?
• Or can i simply translate the .lng files in the languages folder?

I translated part of a german lng file and renamed it to nl.lng but that did not appear in the config menu as an option to choose from...

I browsed through the language files and noticed some errors and typos. So i was wondering if there is a 'clean' english file :)

Then on to the next question:  I really like to have the admin side of the site in english. It makes life for developers from other countries easier and i would simply allow the end-user choose his/her preferred language on the front end.

So basically:  how do i make a site multilingual?

I would really appreciate the help! thank you very much!

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Hello lesleyk,

to help out translate SeoToaster's user interface please check out our localization page at where you will find a menu with all languages available for translation from the community.

If you did notice some errors/typos do you have a list available so we can check it out and fix whatever needs to be fixed? If so please send it directly to

To use the *.lng file you already translated  and for your other question regarding multilingual installation is being forwarded to an expert of the SeoToaster software team who will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for using and contributing to SeoToaster
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Hello Lesley,

let me first clarify a couple of things;

1./ The admin interface/control panel and system messages language is selected at /go by clicking the little flag before logging in. This is session based. It means one user can log in English while another one logs in using a German interface.

2./ Website's operational language is set from the control panel, at OTHERS/config. This is the language that this website is built to served.
This is used to display messages whenever the system needs to interact with your website visitors, default buttons labels and the such.

Both systems use the same source file found on your server/install at seotoaster/system/languages

You can copy a lng in that folder and then rename it using the Zend accepted country code at In your case it would be nl.lng.

Then once your translation is ready, add a little flat into the folder /system/images/flags/
in your case it would be nl.png to make it appear under the /go interface, and allow administrators to log in.

We appreciate any correction you can bring to existing lng files, and will certainly credit your efforts.
As to create a website to cater to multiple markets. Our approach is to favor multiple system installs (they can all use 1 core to facilitate updates and show various uversions of the site in subfolders) to allow for url and all variable optimization to cater to their respective markets.

Let us know if anything is unclear.
Thanks for using seotoaster.