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The truth is seostoaster have great features for any website designer will enjoy to work with it.  Now days I  manage to move all my client to seotoster from wordpress which i am used before

The problem I faced by now my websites does not index by Google in the search engine. I am already edit  my robot.txt but doesn't help. Please can you help know how to edit seotoaster meta data so that to be index by google engine and other search
Thank you in advance

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Hello proedu,

you can edit all meta tags, descriptions, URLs and other search engines-related information in the PAGES Menu ( + Edit Properties sub menu (

You can also take advantage of numerous SEO features integrated in SeoToaster :

Finally once your site is optimized, you just need to sumbit it to Google then be patient :)

Hope this answers your most pressing questions.

You can also check the SambaSaaS online marketing platform to execute your SEO automatically with SeoToaster CMS frontend. You can find more information and request a demo here:

Thanks for using SeoToaster !

The SeoToaster Support Team.
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1.Make sure you are not using noindex, nofollow meta tags
2.Submit XML site map.
3.Submit your website in:

Thanks& Regards
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