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I installed seotoaster via softaculous in cpanel of hostgator linux server.  It opens fine. On the profile i change the address yo country : philippines and it disables state field. But there is no province field. Google doesnt find my location even if i enter put full address, and msa location : metro manila and put latitude longitude coordinates.
Then when i enter seosamba token into website ID and try to save it says  'wrong parameters set'.  Are those wrong parameters the address outside of usa? Also the web chat doesnt accept my Philippine phone, only my magic jack voip usa phone number.
I hope we can get this working. It seems like a great app!

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Hi  VFW4444,

Our system doesn't have any limitation by region, state etc.. during the registration process.
The error 'wrong parameters set' most likely coming from missing php module "mcrypt" on your hosting server.
Please check/install it and try again.

Thank you. Regards.